Freight Union Logistics

Around 200 power units
New Employees Hired
Hired Drivers Per Week
Cost Drop Per Driver
The problem

Freight Union significantly slowed their growth after they reached 150 fleet size. This happened due to multiple reasons, such as low online presence, one overloaded recruiter, absence of any recruiting software, and lack of defined recruiting processes.

The solution

After we spent some time researching the company, talking to employees and involving ourselves in their internal procedures we came up with the complex solution.

It had 3 main parts:

- Hiring right people to fill in crucial roles
- Develop systems to help these people succeed
- Set up and automate recruiting software

We started from defining key roles in our new recruiting & advertising department. We needed 2 recruiters, one of who will handle advertising as well and retention specialist to reduce turnover rate.

We hired 2 bilingual recruiters that knew English and one another language. Doing this we were able to cover 3 main demographic groups that client was interested in: Americans, Latino and CIS region drivers.

Simultaneously with that we were building internal systems and blueprints to handle incoming leads more effectively and convert them to our drivers.

After having all the processed laid out in front of us, we moved to setting up a software and automating everything that could be automated. From initial outreach, to long living email campaigns that retarget drivers long after they originally applied. For these purposes we decided to use Driver Reach recruiting software for it's flexibility and automation capabilities. For retention department we implemented a ticketing system using Zoho Desk (Customer support software) to help our Retention Specialist stay on top of each driver's issue and resolve it in a timely manner.

It took us good 3 weeks to this point.

The next step was to teach everybody how to advertise, recruit, and use all the provided tools.
Our team members were coming every day to the clients office and worked side be side with the new recruiting team, providing them with training and on spot support.

The whole project took us 2 months. That when we felt that the team is ready to operate by their own.

The summary

After we finished with the project, our client received a fully functional recruiting, retention, and advertising department that's showing consistent results and helps company growing more effectively and at the lower cost.

The solution