Gold Coast Logistics

Close to 500 units
Drivers per month
Dedicated recruiters
Hours per week
The problem

Gold Coast Logistics is regularly signing up drivers for their Lease rental and Independent contractor positions. They've been doing well before working with us, but needed to boost their hiring rate significantly in a vary short time.

The solution

Since their recruiters were already busy with work and the client needed results immediately, we went with Ready-to-go Drivers service. First, we dedicated 1 full time recruiter, launched advertising campaigns. The first month we were able to hire 11 drivers and build out our pipeline to set up us for greater results later. The graph below shows the amount of drivers we were able to hire each month. You can notice a downward trend, which is a usual occurrence in a fourth quarter of the year.

The summary

If you don't have sophisticated recruiting department, or you need to see results asap, Ready-to-go Drivers is the great choice to get your trcuks on the road with zero upfront cost.

The solution