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Who are we?

We are recruiting agency that knows how to hire truck drivers. 5 years of non-stop work helped us to build the team of the best advertisers, recruiting representatives, account managers, and assistants to help your business grow indefinitely. We follow strict policies of maximum politeness, no "sugarcoating" and exceptional attention to detail. We represent your company, like it is our own and deliver results beyond expectations.

We can help if

1. You want to grow your fleet
2. You have a high turn over rate
3. You have trucks sitting on

We can help if

1. You want to grow your fleet
2. You have a high turn over rate
3. You have inactive trucks

How it works


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Great! Now we will start sourcing and interviewing candidates that qualify for your position.


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Very soon we will start sending you candidates for your internal screening.


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Complete your internal candidate screening and get back to us with the results. Are you interested in hiring any of the drivers?


Welcome drivers in the office

After approval, we will make sure candidates stay interested and committed to work with you. We will assist them all the way until they arrive in your office.

When do you pay?

You sign with us
We source and refer drivers
You hire a driver
He works for 4 weeks
He works for 6 weeks
Servicing companies for a total of 4,000+ trucks.
Become one of them!
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Our standards

One candidate - one company

We only offer one candidate to one company. Every driver is presented with one job opportunity and is sold on it.

"Sugarcoating" is for loosers

Our company is built on telling the truth to our drivers and our clients. Our recruiters present all the available information to every driver and help them to make a qualified decision.

Your driver is your driver

We can't and will not solicit any of the drivers that were previously referred to your company by us. As well as we will never poach any of your drivers or employees. It is in our contract and in our standards.

Here is how to start!

Leave us your contact information and someone from out team will get in touch with you to discuss all the details.
*Only companies with 25+ trucks and physical office are accepted for this program.
**We are hiring Company and Lease Drivers only
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