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Ready-to-go Drivers

Our team will find and assist with recruiting process of qualified drivers for your company.

  • No upfront cost
  • Qualified drivers based on your requirements
  • Minimal input from you or your team
  • No recruiter is required
  • Assistance with transportation and accommodation

Digital Advertising

Our team will set up and manage online advertising for your company to help you hire drivers, sell equipment, promote your service and more.

  • Scroll stopping creatives based on your brand book
  • Precise audience targeting
  • Budget control
  • Cost effective for companies with recruiting processes in place

Social Media Managment

We will design a unique look for your company across all popular social media platforms and will actively manage your accounts by adding new and interesting content.

  • Unique and creative designs developed specifically for you
  • Interesting, not repetitive content
  • Content distribution across other media channels with similar audience
  • Great supplement for your other marketing efforts


We are recruiting and marketing professionals for businesses in logistics. Our team will help your business eliminate any issues with hiring and retention of truck drivers.

  • Optimization and automation of hiring processes
  • Building and maintaining strong online presence
  • Increasing retention rate
  • Advertising training for lead generation
  • Developing recruiting department from scratch
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